Our Story

Kyle was born the day after Christmas in 2004. It sounds so cliche, but right away I knew something was different. Through many missed milestones over the next year, and what we thought was a huge hurdle of switching doctors due to a job and insurance change, we started research. The new doctor sent us for an evaluation at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis and we spent the next 18 months being "tested" and working with First Steps.

At the age of 3, Kyle started a special ed pre-school. Literally, the first day of school it was clear to the staff that his development was delayed more than what they had been told and they jumped into action. Within a few months we had a stack of reports about an inch thick that we submitted to the Developmental Pediatrician. She reviewed those with the reports from Riley and called us with the diagnosis. What impressed me most is that she made the call herself - she didn't turn the task over to another staff member. I will be forever grateful for her compassion and kindness!!

So then we had it ... an answer. Thankfully we were prepared and we were accepting. It certainly hasn't been easy, but raising kids in general isn't easy and every child has their own special needs :)

Kyle is the youngest of 6, and even though we thought we knew everything, he has taught us SO much ... about life, about love, and about happiness. We celebrate the little things now, and we appreciate each and every day!

We hope that you find encouragement from our story. If you would like to talk or share your story, please feel free to email us at: love@fortheLOVEofautism.com


Kyle's family